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The Google Teacher Podcast is designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning).

Oct 30, 2017

Google News and Updates (2:36)

Oct 16, 2017

On this episode, Matt and Kasey are sharing a joint keynote presentation they gave during the Summer of 2017. Below is the presentation used...

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Oct 9, 2017

Google News and Updates

During episode 24 Matt and Kasey made it known that sometimes there just aren't many if any updates to speak of. No sooner did they utter those words and Google went crazy with a number updates!

Oct 2, 2017

Google News and Updates

In a lighter week of news and updates the only things of note were additional colors to Google Keep Notes and revamped icons in the G Suite interface when using Docs, Sheets, etc

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Joe Marquez is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than to discover new ways to motivate...