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The Google Teacher Podcast is designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning).

Nov 4, 2019

Google News and Updates

Featured Content

Google Jamboard - Unleash your team’s creativity with Jamboard. Sketch your ideas whiteboard-style while benefiting from the access and connectivity of an interactive canvas. Drop images, add notes and pull assets directly from the web while collaborating with team members from anywhere.

Jamboard unlocks your team’s creative potential with real-time co-authoring. Experience unhindered productivity, whether your team is in the same room using multiple Jamboards, or across the world using the Jamboard app on mobile.

With Jamboard’s incredibly responsive and accurate display, it feels natural to draw and sketch the way you would on a traditional whiteboard. Enrich your brainstorm with the best of Google Search and your team’s work in G Suite: Grab images and content from the web and bring them straight into your jam; pull in work from Docs, Sheets, and Slides; even add photos stored in Drive.

Matt and Kasey discuss...

Jamboard hardware v. software

Jamboard Features:

  • Import from Drive
  • Collaborate
  • Move and resize
  • Accessibility tools
  • Drawing tools -- Autodraw built-in
  • Add clips from the web

Jamboard Lesson Ideas:

Jamboard Resources:

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

Jennifer Gream (Kentucky) -- 650 students. Needs to force a copy of a folder with subfolders inside it and documents. I can’t find a way to force the copy.

Craig Klement (Texas) -- Finish Google Form when running out of time. Put in Google Classroom. In settings: limit to one response/edit after submit. Students submit the form. When back to class, go back to Google Classroom, click on form link, where students left off. Required questions: Make an option that says “not finished yet”.

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